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Wildtech Plants is located at Glenmaggie and Heyfield in the foothills of the great dividing range in Gippsland. We have been Australian native plant enthusiasts and propagators since 1985.

Welcome to Wildtech Plants Collectors Online. We share your passion for Australia’s  unique plants, and are pleased to offer you a very large range of species and cultivars for sale from our online catalogue. We  understand how difficult it can be for enthusiasts to buy “hard to get” species in regional Australia, and hope our extensive range of plants will enable you to create the gardens that celebrate our nations’ wonderful flora.


Your plants are packed in heavy duty cartons and sent via Australia Post on Monday or Friday. The cartons have tracking codes which allow the plants to be traced if they don’t arrive on the expected day.

Victorian customers should normally receive their plants by Wednesday, and New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland usually deliver on Thursday or Friday. Northern Territory, Tasmanian and West Australian customers should contact us before purchasing plants for advice regarding postage, treatment and inspection costs.

Our standard carton holds up to 35 plants. For orders between 36 plants and 112 plants we have a special large carton which can hold up to 112 plants.

Post and packing charges

  • Standard carton  A.C.T, NSW, QLD, S.A, VIC      From $18
  • Standard carton (Express)   A.C.T, NSW, QLD, S.A, VIC      From $28
  • Large carton         ACT, NSW, QLD, S.A, VIC        From $35
  • Large carton (Express)         ACT, NSW, QLD, S.A, VIC        From $65

Our nursery is not open on weekends and public holidays. If you want to pick up your plants in person please contact us on (03) 5148 2635 or


We are accredited to send native plant tubestock to all Australian states. Some states have restrictions on the species that may be imported, or require quarantine inspection upon arrival at a significant cost.

Tasmania and Western Australia have total bans on the shipment of any plants from the family myrtaceae, and also require inspection of all plants by their plant standards officers before the plants can be delivered to you. For small consignments this fee may be more than your plants are worth. South Australia also has some restrictions on the entry of plants from the myrtaceae family.

Contact us if you are unsure of your states’ requirements before placing your order.

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